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What Is IoT?

IoT or the Internet of Things refers to any devices or technology that connect to the internet to interface with other mechanisms or systems. In general, IoT systems contain similar elements, including:

  • Hardware, such as the physical components of the system or device, including smart technology systems and IoT sensors.
  • Software for operational insight and control.
  • Network connectivity for seamless communication between systems.
  • Positioning that enables tracking and response to IoT devices. 
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How Does IoT Work In Commercial Markets?

IoT devices and systems can be used in commercial businesses and organisations to enable enhanced communication and analysis of a plethora of vital data

In terms of efficacy, IoT systems produce amplified information to explore performance, monitor environments and provide crucial data that empowers organisations to evolve strategic decision-making. 

IoT is now being seen as essential by many commercial organisations, with growth opportunities becoming increasingly more evident. Some key advantages of IoT systems are the versatility of the technology and the substantially broad range of innovative implementations that are now possible. 

Many commercial buildings are becoming smart environments, with IoT systems enabling a heightened understanding and analysis of space usage, people counting and environmental data, such as the controlled management of heating or cooling facilities. 

A central factor in the increasing popularity of IoT in commercial markets is its ability to be flexible and agile in terms of integrating systems. There has been a notable transition from the installation of hardware systems to the additional use of the technology for results-based and analytical applications that support targeted outcomes according to the organisation’s particular operations and goals.

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The Commercial Growth Potential of IoT

It’s definitely true to say that IoT has been through an exponential growth period. At its conception, larger commercial enterprises and organisations were predominantly optimising the possibilities and advantages of IoT.

However, in recent years a greater proportion of small and medium-sized organisations are now tapping into the immeasurable benefits of IoT technology so they can track data against company targets or KPIs to develop a clearer picture of present and future operations

Indeed, many commercial companies are focusing on a push towards integrating hardware and appropriate IoT systems to foster more secure, resilient environments and data sources

The heightened capability of IoT to communicate across technologies in real time enables systems to operate as a cohesive, coherent whole. In particular, this offers a full spectrum comprehension of essential processes, rather than individual devices and systems working separately in isolation without the true benefits of a holistic overview.

IoT Presents Endless Opportunities

The possibilities unleashed by IoT are vast for commercial enterprises. In truth, it can be said the IoT is genuinely ground-breaking when it comes to the functionalities, practicalities and innovations it proffers. 

IoT has valuable use across all sectors and organisations – from smart hospitals and libraries to manufacturing and entertainment attractions. With the inherent technology constantly evolving, companies are realising the limitless potential unlocked by IoT systems

Warehouses are utilising robots to organise products, with robots communicating over IoT technology for smooth processes. In the transportation industry, IoT is  boosting business functionality and the customer experience with real time delivery data plus location tracking

As more commercial organisations are discovering, the opportunities afforded by IoT are delivering measurable and rewarding business gains, not only for companies but for their clients, too.

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The IoT Future At AdvaNova

Commercial environments today, and in the coming years, will undoubtedly benefit from connected systems that streamline business operations and revolutionise processes to achieve or exceed commercial objectives.

At AdvaNova, we offer both standard and bespoke IoT services, so that you have the complete flexibility to choose the correct systems for your business

With our bespoke services, we regularly create individualised systems for our clients that vary from integrated barcode products to cutting-edge solutions that quickly resolve organisational challenges

There’s never been a better time to change the way your business works and take a step into an exciting future by harnessing the power of IoT.

Get in touch with AdvaNova if you want your organisation to reap the potent benefits of IoT.

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