The Laidlaw Library at the University of Leeds

The University of Leeds, a Russell Group University, has been investing to enhance the student learning experience and other aspects of student life – the quality of the campus, the accommodation and the  environment. The aim is to provide a first-class experience for the University’s student “customers”.

Group study has become an important part of student education, as it prepares graduates better for the world of work, but there are not many places where they can work together in groups, so flexible study space is always in demand. There is also a trend towards friends doing the same course studying together side by side. This informal collaboration is very popular and also creates demand for study rooms.

With so much need for private study space where students can work together, the University provides study rooms for groups of up to ten people. They are usually full, so they can be booked in advance. Some of the rooms have an IT infrastructure that allows several laptops to be linked to one screen.

Laidlaw Library Exterior

The new Laidlaw Library building at the University of Leeds has won many awards for its amazing, sustainable architecture. It even has bumble bees on the roof! Since the new building opened, the library is busier than ever – usage of the library has increased by 20%.


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